LAST UPDATE: Tuesday 14 march 2017. 12.46 hours p.m.

Hello there

I am an Electronic dance music composer & DJ. As a solo artist and with Dance Project SEXOFSOUND creating EDM songs. Simply click on the PARTYFLOCK APP or SOUNDCLOUD APP. There you will find more detailed information about my music and other related links.

Next to making, mixing and listening music, I love to paint, writing poetry&stories, watching good s.f. movies, reading&watching Psychology/Science&Spirituality, and much more. As I always say: This is the Future, Future is now. The present is a gift to unwrap with a smile. 

You also can find me on FACEBOOK by clicking on the APP. I live in the Netherlands in the city of Groningen. I am a Steward / Volunteer in Psychiatry @ www.IXTANOA.NL

Feel free to contact me by e-mail or approach me on FACEBOOK.

Kind regards. Fred-E (Skywalker ) aka Fredvdwerf.